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LUN Industries

We are manufacture and global integrator of Healthcare products

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Research Bird Healthcare

Research Bird Healthcare is the healthcare initiative of Research Bird Media focused on building global trusted medical platform & supply chain.
More details check: www.researchbirdhealthcare.com
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LUN Medical

LUN Medical is manufacture  and global integrator of medical & healthcare product and solutions.
With high standard on quality control and product development, we ensure reliable delivery .
Our Credentials
Business License & Medical Certificates
We are experts in China Medical Manufacturing Standards, Regulations and Realities.
We help medical distributors & Government bodies best sourcing reliable medical products.

Medical Integrator

Our Research-Based Product Development Strategy focuses on most advanced technologies and promising market potential solutions.

We make sure our product development and production process reflects highest standard on quality and material science. enabling our products both market leading and at the same time cost effective.                                                  

Markets & Products

We travel around the world to investigate and test our market perspectives, which will guide our manufacturing efforts.

Intelligent Solutions

We develop state-of-the-art solutions to various technical needs and system sophistication issues.

Product Development

We work with Industry experts to develop high tech and high intelligent solutions and product lines. with whole heart and craftsmanship.

We utilize best technologies and materials.

We strive to develop
Best Solutions for our global clients.


LUN Industries


Our Product Development Process
We keep our eyes wide open globally to capture most advanced technologies and material trends to develop best products.
We follow stringent product development process to ensure quality, service and timely delivery.
Customer Service
Quality Control